How Can I be a Volunteer?

Your participation is important to us! You may send us an email message through (email address) with the following information:

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What Structure does the TEAM Foundation using for implementation of its program?

TEAM Foundation firmly believes that we all have a social responsibility in our community. We have an obligation to act for the interest of everyone in the society.
The Foundation wanted to influence people to extend their hands to these vulnerable kids and hoping to gain greater participation from volunteers, donors, affiliates and beneficiaries – as everyone can make a difference.

Areas does TEAM Foundation cater

TEAM Foundation’s main program focus is the following: Educational development of the youth, sustainable nourishment, and Social and Emotional development.

TEAM Foundation has to support the vulnerable children

Every year, the number of out of school youth is increasing rapidly due to poverty. TEAM Foundation is a strong believer that poverty is not a hindrance in getting quality education. The foundation mission is to promote the elimination of numerous forms of poverty in the community. Today, it has chosen a tactical, effective and feasible application to poverty assistance by focusing on the children’s education as it is a powerful weapon to prosperity.

TEAM Foundation

Teach Everyone Achieve More (TEAM) Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to ensure the future our children. We initiate, promote, implement and support programs to equip the youth for better future.

Does TEAM Foundation have a Data Privacy Policy?

TEAM Foundation is committed to privacy and confidentiality of all personal data collected from our employees, donors, beneficiaries, customers, vendors, affiliates, members and others. It’s our obligation to properly secure and process the data we received in accordance of the law.

The Privacy Policy drafted our rules and regulation in terms of collection, use and protection of your personal data. By using this site, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and consented to the gathering and use of your personal data in adherence to the policy.

TEAM Foundation may ask you to provide certain personal information that includes but are not limited to: Name, Email address, address, contact details, photos, family background and other personal data for the following purposes:

1. Signing up to TEAM Foundation newsletter, marketing materials, annual reports and upcoming events.
2. Registration for volunteers and involvement to TEAM Foundation programs
3. Partnership (Affiliate) with TEAM Foundation
4. Other legitimate program related purposes.

We aim to take applicable measures to ensure that your personal information are secured and being protected.
Note: This policy may change and TEAM Foundation reserves the right to amend or improve the policy, in accordance of the law.