Teach Everyone Achieve More is a new community based foundation established January 4, 2019, to provide assistance to vulnerable children in terms of education, health care and shelter. We are dedicated to nurturing the children through education and involvement of the society. Programs and services are designed to create vibrant and visionary for Children’s development.

We believe that kids are the future and are incredibly challenged by Today’s World, so we try to give them a tool to build success and that is Education. We found ourselves as a medium and coordinator for many different kinds of projects. As a means of allowing our Youth to understand how essential education is, We started outreach programs that will give them support, assistance, advice and much of compassionate handholding.

Also, we extend our assistance to those people who would normally be given up on, living from the poorest parts of our communities and faced many struggles in their lives. Our main goal is to help them make a difference and improve their lives.
Located in Manila, Philippines, the facility serve as a headquarters for volunteers who share their passion in helping our children. The facility is also the home to our “core” and programs.

Chairman – Olivia “Levee” Piramide and board members have backgrounds within the charity or welfare sector and use their knowledge and skills to build the enormous success that the organization accumulated.

Helping the young people was originally started by our Chairman. It was her vision to see education as a powerful tool to change the lives our children especially those who are unprivileged.

Our Vision

A nation that every child has an equal opportunity to attain better education regardless of their social stratum or condition, to eliminate illiteracy and assist people with little capacity.

Our Mission

Teach Everyone Achieve More is a Foundation for everyone, compassionately dedicated to ensure that children growing up in poverty will improve their lives by getting a better education, assisting them in developing and enhancing once self.

  • Our mission is to provide assistance, in terms of education, healthcare and shelter to orphans and vulnerable children. Our movement endorsed the social, emotional and educational development of our youth by equipping them with the necessary items to sustain oneself.

Our Values

What We Do

Company Profile

Teach Everyone Achieve More (TEAM) Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization with a vision of seeing vulnerable and unprivileged children of the society to change their lives by giving assistance in terms of health care, shelter and especially education. The TEAM Foundation empowers the educational development of those children in need. Love and protect the abandoned, abused, neglected, orphaned children.

Team Foundation

Volunteer and Staffs

Established January 4, 2019 under the guidance of Ms. Olivia "Levee" A. Piramide, Chairman and founder of the organization, The TEAM Foundation was registered non-profit organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines and being administered by a very reputable board of trustees coming from various professions and sections of society. The Foundation is a locally incorporated, non-government organization that organized outreach program as an advocate on behalf of street children and under privileged children in the country and across the world.

The TEAM Foundation has taken a comprehensive approach in order to address the challenges faced by these vulnerable children, such approach includes, but not limited to performing outreach program to various orphanages: Feeding program in different slum area, Counseling and educating the youth and Children Educational Development Program. Our integrated approach in giving assistance to the orphans and vulnerable children is constructed by the TEAM Foundation Mission, Vision and Core Values. The Major objective of the Foundation is to save the next generation through the provision of quality education and giving assistance. We aim to supply these services for the children in the children's facility, around the nation and even across the globe. As early as March 2019, the Foundation started to carry out the following activities to support and achieve these objectives:

1. Visiting Children Facilities or Institution,
2. Raising awareness about the importance of Education,
3. Providing beneficial items to vulnerable children,
4. Resource mobilization.

To date, TEAM Foundation continues to mold various types of disadvantaged children into well-educated and self-sufficient young adults through our benevolent program. Giving these children our support or assistance is a one type of generosity. But giving our time, sharing our talents and our friendship can make a bigger difference.